Thursday, October 23, 2008

Middlesbrough - Day 16

October 23, 2008
Day 16 - Middlesbrough, England
Venue: Empire

Edinburgh was a fun show! The sound was tough on stage because of the room, but we got through it and had some musical moments. I'm enjoying playing the electric. I play it on three songs, and I think I'm getting better. You have to be more careful in some ways and yet you can have more abandon. Kate came up and did the Barbara song, but we will add her to more songs tomorrow night and in Warwick the day after. 

We got a new tour bus a few days ago, and, although it's bigger and doesn't have exhaust fumes spewing into the lounge, it's not as smooth a ride. It's a little hard to sleep when the bus is moving, but I end up sleping in the morning once it has stopped. We got to Middlesbrough a few hours ago. Quite curious about this town. Never heard of it. Time to juice. Maybe go for a quick bike ride.


Martha and Kate perform the Barbara song, "Dis, quand reviendras-tu?" at Empire in Middlesbrough.


C.S. said...

It mighta been a tough room for sound in Edinburgh but we would've never known it in the crowd. Apart from the inital issues with the bass it all came together quite nicely. The totally plugged in sections of the show came across really well. Really enjoyed Ball and Chain.

Having seen you earlier in the year in Glasgow it was nice to get the totally different vibe of the Edinburgh gig. We were glad we braved the wind and rain on the motorway to be there! It was also nice to see your mother perform.

Awesome gig all in all. You guys played your hearts out as normal. It might not have been perfectly played, but it was a great energy and a great set.

campbellhen said...

Tour Buses ?
GCT® is not envious.
We have a hard enough time moving DPP from kerb to curb on Querbes.
YUL misses you
Love to all

hooveredpockets said...

Martha..dunno if u ever read any of the stuff people add and.. pardon my pedantry but in 'You Cheated Me' you have the line "and your story has been untold".. it should be 'told' cos untold means etc etc u get my gist.

I'm not gettin' at u but hey it's in my head. Apart from that thank u for reawakening my love of music.. thru ur music..

miss elevenses said...

Martha, what about Bristol 21st? :-) Wicked show, electric guitar yeah!

Anonymous said...

The developments in the set with the inclusion of your mum sounds interesting - reminds me of your solo concert with your mum at the piano at St. George's, Bristol a couple of years ago :) It was lovely to see your mum perform there, after so long (when I was a teenager and got introduced to the music of Kate and Anna McGarrigle)

rosesarenotred said...

Great to see you still use your Utrecht bike ;-). I watched the bike-video again and came to the conclusion my little brother has the same bike as you, yay!

Good to read you enjoy your tour. Have fun! Hope to see you again next year, I'll be travelling a lot next year, so I'll hope seeing you around the world.


Anonymous said...

Your rendition of The Barbara Song is developing greatly (beautifully) - how about a new recording of it? (you've done so many versions of Year of the Dragon!) x

Chris T said...

Really loved the Bristol show but am so jealous to hear that your mum has been over for the next few gigs- So love her music & would so love to have seen Kate & Anna perform on tour.Please can you come to Wales next time. Missed you in Cardiff a few years ago as we were away

peter said...

Really enjoyed your Middlesbrough show, hope to see u back here soon. Great to meet u too, go easy with that taquila!!

charlene said...

loved your show! Have to admit never followed your music before. Heard you on stage and thought what a powerful carasmatic voice. Since your show have downloaded some songs! Still better on stage! Ever need another backin singer am your lass. All the best, charlene.x

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this video of Barbara singing the song herself? Art x