Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Belfast - Day 24

October 31, 2008
Day 24 - Belfast, Northern Ireland
Venue: Opera House

oh my god,
it's been soooo long since my last blog entry. isn't that just the way. time is flying and it's been quite a hectic whirlwind journey. of course kate has been here since edinburgh and she has added a lot as a piano player and general incredible spirit. it's nice o have someone on stage that i can lean on to entertain the audience and take up some of the slack. she has 30 or more years of experience with that. hopefully she is happy on the bus with us. there hasn't been any days off and everyone is getting tired. we just need to get through tonight which should be fun. it's halloween in belfast and from what i hear ireland does a good all hallows eve. must think of something of wear for tonight but first let me recap the last few days.let's see. i guess the big show was london and it was great to see friends. middlesbrough was a hoot and warwick quite staid. unfortunately we lost lily and sylvan 2 days ago which was planned but they are truly missed. just when we are getting into a real rhythm, but i guess that is the way i always do things. i love to keep moving and changing things up. not always for the best i fear.oh well, it's hard to not follow your instinct! i've never not followed it, or when i haven't it's been a disaster. it's a beautiful day here. I'm trying to organize a trip carlingsford for oysters and guinness but i think the driver needs to go straight to dublin for his hours off. bummer. i need to wash my hair in any case and go out and find something for brad before he gets up. yesterday was his birthday and i really dropped the ball.
i haven't gotten him anything and birthdays are tough. too much to do and so little time. i need some real time off.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get some R'n'R soon! x

Robert Lane said...

Hi Martha, I was at the Warwick show and thought you and the band were great

I'm also really enjoying this blog


Sundown said...

Aw Martha, get some rest! :)

See you and Kate soon at Carnegie!

campbellhen said...

Belated Birthday to Brad from GCT™

wandering_minstrel said...

Hey, Martha! Nice to read how your tour's been going. Is there any chance you or your lovely family will somehow make it to Dubai for a concert? I'd love to see you live!