Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bristol - Day 13

October 20, 2008
Day 13 - Bristol, England
Venue: Colston Hall

Power to the sound-system goes out during a live performance of the song 'Bleeding All Over You,' at Colston Hall, in Bristol. Martha then performs 'I Wish I Were' unplugged.


Anonymous said...

That's what I admire about you, Martha - you don't cave in :) It was a memorable concert for lots of reasons, including your choice to sing The Tower un-mic'd later on - that was really special and enhanced the pathos of the song. Come back to Bristol soon! x

TrefforestGump said...

Well, this was a blessing in disguise....we got to hear raw Martha! Was fantastic. As was the entire night. Thanks x

Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thing. Couldn't help noticing the line "when you're tapping the same vein" was omitted from 'So Many Friends' - was that intentional and why? (tho' I suspect I already know why...) :)

richard said...

Thought you were going to fall off the stage at one point during your mid-acoustic warbling, but i'm sure that guy filming you at the front would have caught you....on camera.

P.S and why the hell didn't you play Wales?

Martin said...

This was such an awesome, spine-tingling moment; it felt like a huge privilege to be able to hear you raw and unplugged. I love that you came right out to the front of the stage, past the mics and monitors, to get as close as possible to the audience - a little thing, maybe, but such a thoughtful and inclusive gesture (though I'm a little bit biased, too, as it meant we got a great view from where we were sitting at the front right-hand side!).

You could have heard a pin drop in the Colston Hall... the atmosphere was absolutely electric, and you had that whole auditorium in the palm of your hand. Just a guitar, and a voice... yet we were all in thrall, and utterly captivated.

It's interesting; we saw Goldfrapp earlier on this week, also at the Colston Hall, and the keyboard failed at the start of the encore (is the venue jinxed?!). They seemed to be totally floored by it, though, and despite the fact that they had full sound, two guitars, drums, electric violin and harp as well as Alison's voice, they kinda crumbled - played one more song, and then gave up altogether.

It just makes me appreciate the magic of your performance all the more. Bravo... and thank you.