Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sydney- Day 36

November 12, 2008
Day - 36 Sydney Australia
Venue: Enmore Theatre

Guest Blogger: Brad Albetta

(I'm filling in for Martha today because she's busy doing press)
As i write this I'm doing our wash, a man's work is never done!!
We arrived in Sydney yesterday morning after the grueling 20 hour flight. We we're greeted by the lovely spring weather, ahhhhh so nice after the rough autumn UK weather...... but then it all went a bit wrong when our luggage + guitars didn't arrive with us. Lucky our man Tim Peterson was on the case and retrieved them this morning from the airport, Thanks Tim.
We're looking forward to seeing our old friends from Chuggs and Shock , they have been very good to us over the years and we consider them good friends........
But most of all we're looking forward to playing the shows, Australia has GREAT music fans!
Tonight is our 1st show so jet lag and all here we come!!!!!


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Bhavani said...

Can ne body help me with plumbing solutions for sydney residents ?hot water heating

Gilly said...

Good luck all with the Aussie shows! Great you have the weather on your side. As a UK resident it certainly isn't on mine! Nice to hear you are a modern man Brad-getting down and dirty with the washing. G x

Hannah said...

i can't freakin wait till tuesday at the tivoli!!! the weather is even hotter up here youll love it!!!\
will martha be doing any tv appearances whilst she's here????

Campbie™ said...

Fair Dinkum post cobber.Love to you all in the Antipodes. It's pouring rain in YUL

frogpaddy said...

'uggs & kisses

Amber said...

Dear Martha (and Brad). It’s a sad day in Freo. Here I am sitting in my little wooden loft apartment, to late to realise your enchanting voice would be bringing alive the walls of ‘Fly’, and now all your tickets are sold – although I’m not surprised! I wish you a fantastic tour – and you never know, I may manage to beg, borrow or steal a ticket for Saturday. Amber x. p.s, if you're around Pakenham St on Sunday, drop in for a cupa T.

Hannah said...

well what can i say.. last nights show in brisbane was nothing short of incredible.!! I was like one of those crazy women struck down with a savage case of beatlemania..screaming like a banshee in the front row.... thankfully i have my best friend to rub it in how much of a freak i looked like....i suppose the 80 gallons of booze i sunk before the show didn't help the matter either!! if only there was a rewind button!

once again it was breathtaking to watch and listen you in person and i will hold the memory of your beautiful voice until you next return.. hopefully sooner rather than later! All the best with the rest of the tour and hope you guys aren't too tired! xx

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