Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Byron Bay- Day 45

November 17, 2008
Day- 45 , Byron Bay Australia
Venue: A Day Off

well i'm alive. only just though. i'm sorry i've been a bad blogger. it's been over a week and it feels like a month. today brad and i are in paradise, although anywhere would seem like paradise because it is a day off. a real day off with no show last night or tonight and we are in a beach front hotel in byron bay on the gold coast of australia. we arrived in australia six days ago and we've done four shows so far. we start up again tomorrow in brisbane. the shows so far have been good although i think sydney and melbourne, the two biggest towns, were negatively affected by jet-lag and delirium. the sydney show in particular i felt like i was on acid in the second half. it was kinda fun for that reason although i'm sure the performance was lessened by airheadedness and general sillyness.the last show we did on saturday was really special. it was in a tiny town called meeniyan about 2 and a half hours from melbourne. ian and suzanne run the concert series held in the town hall and they are the best hosts you can imagine. we arrived to a roaring fire and fresh cut flowers from the towns people's gardens. then there was the food that was made for us by a lovely group of people. then there was the windy ridge wine made 2 miles up the road. and i think we finished it off by a good performance, it was one of those intimate small shows that are generally better then the larger venues, at least for the audience.
We're off for a walk now on the rainy beach, ahhhhhhhhh

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TrefforestGump said...

I used to live on the Gold Coast. It's paradise indeed! Aus is great this time of year :) x